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Shahzad Mehmood Chaudhary                Minister AKMIDC

I am glad that my department (welcomed me with great enthusiasm) is offering a number of reform initiatives to be spearheaded by this Ministry. I am very happy to assume a lead role in harnessing the potentials of the minerals sector of the State.
I can say that the minerals sector, in the days to come, will be the focus standi of all economic growth and development interventions.
The influx of huge foreign investments in minerals sector will no more be an alien subject, once the entire process of reforms, fiscal regime establishment, monitoring & surveillance, reserve estimation and improved licensing regime commensurate with National & International best practices will be given a best physical shape, hopefully very soon.
Our steps will be an ample evidence of our proceeding in the right direction to bring the minerals sector on the actual way of development. AKMIDC intends to be a major player in the State economy and is endeavoring to find a right place in the list of big minerals sector corporations on the globe.